Why become a member of the FAC?


The FAC aims to ensure that needs are met

Annual commitments for food assistance are a critical demonstration by the donor community and one against which members are held publicly accountable. Under the FAC, Parties make minimum annual commitments that provide a predictable and certain response to those in need and to our partners (United Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations and others).

The FAC works towards providing appropriate and effective assistance

FAC Parties are committed to ensuring that food assistance is efficient, effective and delivered in a principled manner. Food assistance is a holistic approach, which aims to ensure food availability, access to nutritious food, proper nutrition awareness and appropriate feeding practices. The FAC is also guided by principles to ensure that food assistance provided by the Parties:

  • is the most effective and appropriate means of addressing the food or nutrition needs of the most vulnerable populations;
  • is provided taking into account the long-term rehabilitation and development objectives of the recipient countries, while supporting the broader goal of achieving food security whenever appropriate; and
  • is provided in a manner that protects livelihoods and strengthens self-reliance and resilience, thereby avoiding dependency.

  • The FAC is about cooperating and coordinating for improved results

    The changing nature of global emergency and non-emergency food assistance needs requires new and innovative response solutions. Limited and shrinking humanitarian budgets also dictate the need for improved collaboration and coordination to ensure more effective and efficient responses to global situations.

    The FAC is a forum for international donors to share information and best practices and collaborate to develop responses matching the needs of affected people. Parties meet twice annually to share information on issues related to food assistance, including inadequate access to food and food consumption, and to facilitate coordination on appropriate responses to situations. Coordination by FAC Parties helps ensure that responses to global food and nutrition insecurity are timely, effective and efficient.

    The FAC is the only forum where international donors meet to actively discuss and share information and collaborate with other donors and stakeholders, including international organizations, on matters related to food assistance, including best practices and new modalities.

    The FAC also provides a forum for international donors to collaborate with the aim of leveraging resources and improving the ability to respond to emergency food situations and other food and nutrition needs of developing countries.

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