FAC Chairperson 2024:
Mr. Jürgen Drexler (Austria)



Commitment for 2024 - €10m.

The AECID's Humanitarian Aid Office aims to protect and save lives, prevent and alleviate human suffering and meet the basic and immediate needs of the population affected by natural and man-made disasters promoting their dignity and rights and with a reduction of vulnerability and capacity building perspective.

The objective of the AECID's Humanitarian Aid Office is to respond effectively to humanitarian crisis with quality through the following vectors:

  • Improving Aid quality: standardization of interventions, quality certification and capacity building through training. The Humanitarian Aid Office acts according to various international initiatives such as the Sphere Project, Compas Qualité, ALNAP, among others.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: development of a monitoring and evaluation framework for humanitarian action. Evaluation of the activities of the Humanitarian Aid Office in collaboration with the General Secretariat for International Development Cooperation (SGCID).
  • Gender: Gender policy as a crosscutting issue, with particular attention to the vulnerability and the key role of women in humanitarian crises.
  • Linking Relief-Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD): Consolidation of the LRRD approach as an evaluation element of interventions.
  • Support to a coherent and predictable humanitarian system.

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